Yanmar V70s


Operating weight 5400 kg
Transport dimensions 5090 x 1850 x 2660 mm
Travelling speed 4 - 20 km/h
Engine Power 45 kW / 61 HP / 2200 rpm

More information

  • 180 ° rotation of equipment: The wheel loader can be swiveled 90° on both sides, making it possible to work at right angles in the direction of travel, an advantage especially in narrow yards.
  • Articulated steering with oscillating rear axle provides stability, ride comfort, and precise maneuverability, particularly during attachment changes.
  • Parallel kinematics: thanks to its parallel kinematic system, the V70S takes loads quickly and precisely without having to constantly adapt the load angle.
  • Less displacement and fuel consumption, more torque and power with the EU Level IIIB / EPA Tier 4 Final engine.
  • Cab interior with a new performance enhancing design for a comfortable and productive working environment.
  • Modern and user friendly Smart Control operating system for precise, comfortable and productive work.
  • Multi-function joysticks: front-end slewing is under precise electric proportional control. Various additional functions are integrated directly.
  • Transversely mounted engine provides easy access for maintenance and acts as a counterweight.



The loader frame can be slewed 90 degrees to either side without stopping, making it possible to work at right angles to the travel direction – a real bonus at construction sites where space is limited. Taken together, the total slewing range plus the total steering angle of 80 degrees provided by the articulated steering add up to a generous operating range of 260 degrees. The swing loader is particularly suitable for applications where space is extremely tight, for example when filling ditches or during parallel loading of trucks.



Included as standard on all machines, parallel kinematics system allow you to lift a load quickly and precisely without constantly having to adjust the loading angle. While the kinematics system take care of the stroke angle, the operator is free to concentrate on where exactly to set down the load. Parallel kinematics system optimise work cycles when loading and unloading the second row on a truck. The clever design ensures the tilt control lever does not collide with the body of the truck.



Engine EU Stage IIIB / Tier 4 Final: Adopting European and American emission levels ensures a significant reduction in particulate emissions compared with previous levels – from 0.4 to 0.025 g/kWh.
+ Lower fuel consumption really pays off.
+ The machine is delivered without a diesel particulate filter as standard. This saves on servicing costs. A diesel particulate filter is available on request.
+ Fresh air: pollutants in the emissions from the V70S are reduced by up to 90%. Significantly fewer particulates are emitted thanks to the advanced exhaust after-treatment. This is achieved by means of improved combustion and injection systems and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC).
+  Drive characteristics have been optimised for the new engine to deliver performance and meet regulations.



When used at a densely built-up location or construction sites with limited space, the articulated steering delivers great maneuverability with its 40° steering angle. The articulated steering also allows the bucket to approach the load in a straight line, even at the maximum steering angle. This affords the operator greater flexibility in terms of picking up pallets or setting down loads. The oscillating rear axle has a wide slewing angle of 10°, keeping all 4 wheels in contact with the ground at all times, even when working on uneven ground. The operator also sits parallel to the work attachment at all times. With a V70S wheel loader, only the rear axle oscillates – unlike other manufacturers, where the whole of the rear end oscillates. This means the weight of the machine is always moving in the same direction as the bucket, which in turn increases the pressure on the ground when backing up.



Even when it's rough outside, the many features in the cab provide a very pleasant working environment. The control system for the machine uses innovative technology. The machine remains easy to handle, even when used in challenging conditions. This helps driver and machine deliver high productivity.


Smart Control is an operating system for compact wheel loaders with new engines in the EU Level IIIB / EPA Tier 4 Interim and Final class. It has never been easier to match a construction machine precisely to the driver and application. Numerous controls have also been redesigned and rearranged for quicker operation and improved machine monitoring. What this means for you:
+ Intuitive operation that is easy to set for each individual driver
+ 3rd and 4th electric proportional hydraulic control circuit for operating work attachments
+ New display design to enable easy machine monitoring
+ Keypad with extra large keys for easy operation.



With the fingertip control, electrical proportional activation of hydraulic functions is simple thanks to a thumbwheel on the joystick. This enables the operator to regulate the oil flow with real precision, all the way from
"zero" to "full", which makes it considerably easier to use attachments such as folding buckets, high-tip buckets, or sweepers.