Yanmar SV120


Operating weight 11300 kg
Transport dimensions 7 350 x 2 700 x 2 870 mm
Digging depth 4 320 mm
Dumping height 5 250 mm
Rear swing radius 1600 mm
Digging force (arm/bucket) 61 / 81,5 kN
Travelling speed 2.7 / 5.4 km/h

More information

  • Stable at high carrying capacities. Short tail – ideal on small sites.
  • Powerful, low-consumption and eco-friendly engine EU Stage IIIB / EPA Tier 4 Interim.
  • LUDV hydraulics for exceptionally efficient excavation.
  • Two-speed travel drive with automatic, rapid shifting.
  • Smart Control for efficient work and operation, including fingertip control.
  • Dozer blade with rounded profile for improved material removal. Optional float position for efficient leveling.



The power for the midi excavator SV120 is supplied by an EU Stage IIIB / EPA Tier 4 Interim class engine. After-treatment of the exhaust gases reduces pollutants by up to 90%, as well as nitrous oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (HC) and fine particulate matter. This is all the result of an improved combustion and fuel injection system, and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). The engine does not require a particulate filter.



The four independent control circuits increase the performance of the SV120 midi excavator when used with attachments. The operator controls a tilt rotator with hydraulic quick change system plus a hydraulically driven tool such as sorting grabs, asphalt cutters or cutting units. The control circuits do not interact. All cycles and functions can be operated simultaneously and independently. The operating cycles are jolt-free and comfortable thanks to pilot control of the controls.



Excellent cab conditions: The highperformance cab delivers superb visibility, lots of space and simple instruments. So the driver can concentrate on working, even on a tough day.

Work functions and machine information are in a central location and can be understood at a glance for a better overview and more comfort. The data is tiled as on a smartphone. The anti-glare 7" screen has very good visibility and is also used as a monitor for the optional rear view camera.




Designed to be simple and effective so that every operator can control the machine efficiently and reliably. Operation is completely intuitive and tuned specifically to the different operating cycles.

Smart Control is developed exclusively by and gives the operator maximum control of the excavator. A large number of excavator functions can be adjusted precisely to the operator and site, making the excavator more efficient and productive.

Fingertip control allows electro-proportional actuation of the hydraulic functions very simply via a thumbwheel on the joystick. The operator can therefore adjust the oil flow very accurately from Zero to Full, which helps to actuate attachments such as clamshell grab, swing buckets and sweepers in particular.



Everything associated with servicing your machine has been designed to be as simple as possible to get your SV120 back to work quickly.