Yanmar SV100-2PB


Operating weight 10360 kg
Transport dimensions 6730 x 2320 x 2840 mm
Digging depth 4330 mm / 4580 mm [blade lowered]
Dumping height 6210 mm
Rear swing radius 1470 mm
Digging force (arm/bucket) 45,8 / 68.5 kN
Travelling speed 2,5 - 4,4 km/h

More information

  • Unmatched compactness for unlimited access.
  • Maximum stability and exceptional lifting strength.
  • Outstanding performances for a midi-excavator of this size.
  • Unlimited access and ease of maintenance to reduce inspection time and maintenance.
  • Better maneuverability and ability to place a load with precision. 
  • Lifting capacity increased by as 45% in some areas of the load chart.
  • Boom articulation cylinder returned = outstanding break-out force.
  • Single top mounted articulation cylinder: total protection of the cylinder rod against damages, dead weight divided 50%, greasing points, daily maintenance and Total Cost of Ownership also reduced by 50%.



The SV100-2PB: the perfect compromise between EXCEPTIONAL performance, versatility and low fuel consumption. The SV100-2PB is the only midi-excavator of 10 tons with ultra-short rear turning radius capable of working on construction sites where some 8 ton excavators can not access. The dead angle reduces to a minimum, offers optimum visibility around the machine.




Yanmar introduces its firts model with an articulated boom: The SV100-2 Piece Boom. This type of configuration originates from heavy wheeled excavators and improves drastically the performance in lifting, moving and placing loads. The improvement results from the added articulation in the boom. This improves the maneuverability and ability to place a load with precision. Furthermore, it improves also the load chart from the machine by as much as 45% in some areas of the load chart. The additional weight due to the articulated boom configuration has been limited to 845 kg. These all benefits to the outstanding lifting ability of the SV100-2PB.




Yanmar decided to return the boom articulation cylinder. Since the SV100-2PB operates at high working pressure, we do have outstanding break-out force. The benefit lies in the fact that raising the boom is faster. The lowering of the boom is slower due to the cylinder orientation, which is optimal to improve the positioning of loads.






Yanmar Product Development has focused on a unique solution. We decided to use a single top mounted articulation cylinder. This configuration offers the following significant features:

+ Total protection of the cylinder rod against damages

+ Dead weight divided by 50%, which improves the stability of the SV100-2PB

+ Greasing points, daily maintenance and Total Cost of Ownership also reduced by 50%

+ Possibility to use a very sleek structure for the boom. This resultas in he best possible visibility available in the market place with this configuration



Yanmar decided to put the control for the articulation on the left joystick with a proportional control. This choice contributes to increase the operator comfort and the safety through a very precise control.