Yanmar C30R-3


Operating weight 2650 kg
Transport dimensions 3280 x 1590 x 2310 mm
Payload 2500 kg
Dump vessel capacity 0.88 / 1.24 m³ [struck / heaped]
Dumping mechanism 1 side
Travelling speed 5.7 / 11 km/h
Yanmar diesel engine 4 cylinders
34.3 kW / 46 HP at 2800 rpm


The C30R-3 is a very compact carrier for its class. It has a total width of 1.5 meter allowing this machine to be efficient even on very small jobsites. A total length of 3.28 meters makes it easy to turn in every condition, especially with the feature that this machine can spin-turn 360°. This configuration offers the following benefits:
+ Increased efficiency of the machine
+ Increased productivity for the operator


The C30R-3 is equipped with a three-side flaps wagon type where the load is dumped in the rear. It has an incredible dumping angle of 58° and ground clearance of 455 mm. These two features insure that it is easy and fast to dump the load from the wagon. Furthermore, all sides can be opened separately.



The C30R-3 benefits from the most advanced technology of the leading manufacturer of industrial diesel engines. The 4TNV88C engine is equipped with direct injection to create clean burning power. It has fully-electronic control to provide the C30R-3 with total intelligent engine control. The engine is also equipped with a common rail system to allow fine-turned electronic control of fuel injection.

+ Cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) which reduces drastically the nitrogen oxides (NOx).
+ DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) to clean up exhaust emissions (PM). Yanmar has successfully developed an exclusive regeneration system in order to combat clogging and cleaning down-time.

+ Auto-Deceleration system to further reduce fuel consumption

+ Eco-Mode to control the motor speed which is reduced by 330 rpm



The C30R-3 benefits from a very robust undercarriage. To further improve the all-terrain capabilities, track rollers are mounted by pair on bogeys in order to better absorb obstacles. This feature improves the operator comfort and the service life of the undercarriage components.

The total mass of the C30R-3 is evenly distributed on the ground via 24 rollers. Fully loaded, the machine has a ground pressure as little as 0,57 kgf/cm². This improves the all-terrain capabilities drastically and the C30R-3 can work in the worst ground conditions.



The C30R-3 is equipped with a new variable speed 2-pump, 2-motor Hydrostatic Transmission System (HST) which integrates an anti-stall feature. Automatic hydraulic pressure adjustments allow the C30R to turn 360° smoothly without stalling the engine. The C30R-3 does a 360° spin-turn in as little as 9,5 / 18,0 seconds (empty vessel / with load
2500 kg).
This feature offers to the customer an improved manoeuvrability, an increased driving comfort and increases the productivity.



With the proportional control system, the machine only moves as far as the joystick lever is pushed, and stops when the
lever is let go. Speed is controlled by moving the left joystick while vessel operation is controlled with the right joystick.
+ Forward and reverse travel, left and right turn, you can adjust
speed and use
+ The travel automatic dual speed switch to change between lowspeed
and high-speed easily.
+ A lock / release switch prevents from inadvertent operation,
+ An accelerator pedal enables to make fine speed adjustments
while operating the joystick.



Yanmar has been paying a lot of attention to the operator station by modernizing the look and feel of the newest version of the C30R-3. The operator has a lot of space, even for the legs, in order to improve his comfort.

The operator seat and travel levers can turn 180°, allowing the operator
to be always seated in the travel direction:
+ It improves drastically the safety
+ It improves the visibility of the operator
+ It reduces the risk of damages



The C30R-3 shows excellent performance on any jobsite. Whether in very narrow areas or on rough terrain, its high travelling speed and excellent vessel capacity (0,88 m3) enable to carry large amount of material fast and easily. It can work on the most various ground conditions thanks to its robust and powerful undercarriage.

The C30R-3 benefits from a gradability of 30° and has a ground clearance of up to 280 mm (C30R-3TV): it can easily avoid obstacles and access isolated areas.