Yanmar C12 RB

Operating weight 1100 kg
Transport dimensions 2650 x 950 x 1470 mm
Payload 1150 kg
Dump vessel capacity 0.4 / 0.52 m³ [struck / heaped]
Dumping mechanism 3 sides
Travelling speed 5.5 km/h
Yanmar diesel engine 2 cylinders, 507 cm³

7.5 kW / 10.2 HP / 2800 rpm


More information

  • Efficient on all types of grounds.
  • Robust construction.
  • Safety system on dumping lever, safety bar on top of the vessel and seat belt.


The C12R-B is a compact dumper ideal for use on all types of grounds from sand to mud or rocks. Stable thank to its low gravity centre, the C12R-B is able to work on slopes of up to 30°.

Easily manoeuvrable and ergonomic, you will be able to bring your mini-dumper everywhere you need thank to its reduced turning circle. Efficient on all types of terrains, the undercarriage is equipped with track rollers with pendular supports and compensate for different ground levels