At O’Regan Plant Sales we are very proud to be the main dealer in Ireland for Yanmar who lead the way in wheel excavators and bucket excavators. Our range all new articulated wheel excavators possess Yanmar’s characteristic power and versatility package. The short tail wheel excavators will allow you to easily navigate tighter spaces, great for use in forestry and challenging farm lands. The Tier 4 Final diesel engines are powerful yet fuel efficient.

The superior comfort, easy fingertip control and smooth automatic drive will make your day a little bit easier on your body

There is full specification on our wheel excavators and bucket excavators pdf sheets for each detailing their operating weight, load capacity, ground pressure, dimensions, digging depth, digging force, rear swing radius and travelling speed.

We have 3 different wheel excavators and bucket excavators available as seen below. We also stock spare parts and have a full service team on the road.

Be sure to give our sales team a call today with any questions you might have regarding the specification to suit your job or price enquiry. Alternatively leave your details to arrange a time that suits.

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Bucket Wheel Excavator | Yanmar B75W


This top quality 11 ton wheel excavator is suited to tight working areas due to its short tail making it very compact, yet extremely stable under heavy loads. It provides massive capacity so it can also take on jobs in the next-highest weight class. It can easily transport heavy loads around the construction and job site due to precise positioning of the hydraulic system and the incredibly large lifting force.

This wheel excavator is very popular for civil engineering projects such construction of roads because of the special capabilities of the materials logistics. Other features like the ability to grab and load tree trunks, and branches mean it’s also a great partner for landscaping projects.

Operating weight   7600kg   -  Transport dimensions  5710 x 2190 x 2460 mm  -  Dumping Height  2920mm

Bucket Wheel Excavator | Yanmar B95W


The Yanmar B95W wheeled excavator is a great machine for construction sites, landscaping and civil engineering projects.

The short tail design on this makes for compact dimensions, meaning it suits the tighter job-sites where our competitors machines will struggle. There is a high performing fuel efficient Tier 4 Final engine that can reach speeds of 36 km per hour. The cabin has ergonomic considerations for your operators comfort.

This excavator is an automatic drive, and is also fitted with an additional accelerator pedal for precise movements. It can operate with all sorts of attachments due to the 4 separate added control circuits. There is optimal visibility with a rear camera that comes included. The digging depth is 4080 and the rear swing radius of 1550 mm.

Operating weight   9500kg   -  Transport dimensions 6300 x 2450 x 2930 mm 

Biggest Wheel Excavator | Yanmar B100W


The Yanmar B110W is our biggest wheeled excavator which has colossal capacity so it can actually take on jobs that would normally be designed for the next weight class. Extra heavy loads are a breeze for this 11 ton high performing machine.

It has a very large lift forces which allow it to haul heavy loads around job-sites.

It also benefits from the same Tier 4 Final engine meaning it has lower fuel consumption and reduced air pollutants.

It has travel speeds of up to 36 km per hour. There is optimal visibility with a rear camera that comes included. The digging depth is 4665 mm and the rear swing radius of 1600 mm.

Operating weight   12500kg   -  Transport dimensions 6800 x 2500 x 2990 mm