Yanmar B75W



Operating weight 7 400 / 7 600 kg
Transport dimensions 5710 x 2190 x 2920 mm
Digging depth 3200 / 3800 mm
Rear swing radius 1480 mm
Digging force (arm/bucket) 38 / 30 kN
Travelling speed 0 - 30 km/h

More information

  • Short tail wheel excavator with compact dimensions: stable under heavy loads and ideal in confined working conditions
  • High-performance, economic and environmentally-friendly EU Stage IIIB / EPA Tier 4 Final engine
  • 4 independent additional control circuits to operate with all sorts of attachments
  • Travel speeds up to 30 km/h for a rapid change of location
  • 14° axle swing for stability even on rough ground
  • Easy control and efficiency with Yanmar Smart Control and Fingertip control
  • Smooth automatic drive, additional accelerator pedal for delicate machine movements
  • Ergonomic cabin with excellent view and superior comfort

the high-performance excavator

The Yanmar B110W wheeled excavator provides enormous capacity so it can also take on tasks in the next-highest weight class. Due to the extra large lift forces, the 11-ton machine can also transport especially heavy loads across the construction site and – thanks to the sensitive hydraulic system – precisely position them. The special capabilities in material logistics make the machine of particular interest for civil engineering, especially road construction. But also in gardening and landscaping where branches and tree trunks need to be seized with the grab and loaded.



Engine EU Stage IIIB / Tier 4 Final: Adopting European and American emission levels ensures a significant reduction in particulate emissions compared with previous levels – from 0.4 to 0.025 g/kWh.
+ Lower fuel consumption really pays off.
+ The machine is delivered without a diesel particulate filter as standard. This saves on servicing costs. A diesel particulate filter is available on request.
+ Fresh air: pollutants in the emissions from the B110W are reduced by up to 90%. Significantly fewer particulates are emitted thanks to the advanced exhaust after-treatment. This is achieved by means of improved combustion and injection systems and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC).
+  Drive characteristics have been optimised for the new engine to deliver performance and meet regulations. 


The ergonomically-designed cab provides the operator with an exceptionally comfortable environment that enables a high degree of
productivity. From the neatly arranged, clearly structured displays through the generously dimensioned stowage compartments to the
Soft-Touch interior or the optional Klimatronik – one thing is clear: The workplace in the Yanmar wheeled excavator is designed for the driver.


Smart Control is an operating system for compact wheel excavators with new engines in the EU Level IIIB / EPA Tier 4 Interim and Final
class. It has never been easier to match a construction machine precisely to the driver and application. Numerous controls have also been redesigned and rearranged for quicker operation and improved machine monitoring. What this means for you:
+ Intuitive operation that is easy to set for each individual driver
+ 3rd and 4th electric proportional hydraulic control circuit for operating work attachments
+ New display design to enable easy machine monitoring
+ Keypad with extra large keys for easy operation. 


With the Yanmar Fingertip control, the sensitive inputs on the joystick enable high precision and ease of use. The dual-circuit hydraulic system with load independent flow sharing (LUDV) allows simultaneous, independent work movements. Economic load sensing technology ensures accurate volume control, hence saving fuel.

Minimizing downtime

A service bar with the central electrics is integrated in the service ladder: Hence, all relays and fuses are easy to access from the ground. The flap can be opened without tools. For easier ascent, the ladder in the service flap is extended towards the ground. The flap is provided with rubber buffers, it lies gently on the extended ladder, the material is conserved.
There are no main hydraulic components mounted under the cab. Tilting of the cab is not required – but possible if necessary. 

Tailored for your job

In order to provide a wheel excavator adapted for the job, Yanmar offers numerous equipment packages and additional equipment. Using equipment tailored to the job helps increase productivity, reduce wear and damage:

+ Trailer coupling
+ Two-wheel steering

+ Leveling: Float function
+ TPA boom, with dipperstick 1850 mm

+ TPA boom, with dipperstick 2350 mm
+ Undercarriage : stabilizers, support plate, front dozer blade

+ Tire options