Yanmar VIO33-6

Operating weight 3.155 kg [rubber crawlers / canopy] 3.255 kg [steel crawlers / canopy] 3.275 kg [rubber crawlers / cabin] 3.375 kg [steel crawlers / cabin]
Transport dimensions 4.510 x 1.550 x 2.460 mm
Digging depth 2.950 mm [short arm] 3.190 mm [long arm]
Dumping height 3.160 mm [short arm] 3.330 mm [long arm]
Rear swing radius 775 mm
Digging force (arm/bucket) 16.1 / 29.9 kN
Travelling speed 2,7 / 4,5 km/h
Yanmar diesel engine 3 cylinders, 1642 cm³

18.9 kW / 25.3 CV / 2200 rpm



Yanmar, inventor of the ViO concept, has an unmatched experience in developing Zero Tail Swing excavators. The ViO33-6 is a true Zero Tail Swing mini-excavator that allows a full rotation of the upper frame within the width of the crawlers for maximum safety



With an output of 18.9 kW at 2200 rpm, Yanmar's 3TNV88-ESBV engine is the result of our continuous efforts to achieve technological advances in fuel consumption and emissions. With the ViO33-6, Yanmar gives priority to the environment and to fuel savings :
+ An ECU manages the RPM according to the torque, optimizing the engine load. This enables to save fuel while increasing the productivity of the machines.
+ An Auto-Deceleration system (in standard) further reduces fuel consumption by enabling the engine to drop back to idle if the operator doesn’t touch the operating levers for 4 seconds.
+ An Eco-Mode (in standard) effectively controls the motor speed which is reduced by 300 rpm, thus allowing a very low fuel consumption.



The ViO33-6 is equipped with a ViPPS (ViO Progressive 3 Pump System) hydraulic system. This hydraulic system main characteristic is the use of 4 hydraulic pumps, 2 variable displacement pumps and 2 gear pumps, (including one for joysticks) in order to deliver a total flow of as much as 105,6 l/min. To complete the system, Yanmar is using a control valve based on the ViPPS principle, which cumulates the flow of separate pumps in order to obtain the optimal combination in terms of speed, power, smoothness and balance. The ViPPS system allows smooth and simultaneous performance of all the operations, even while traveling in order to have the ultimate working tool.



Putting the operator at the center of its design initiatives, Yanmar developed the « Universal Design » concept which gives you comfort for enhanced productivity. Combined to an increased leg room, it enables to improve the comfort and safety of the operator. Operating controls and switches are ergonomically arranged for easy reach.

The ViO33-6 is equipped in standard with an air suspended seat to offer an optimal comfort for a machine of this weight class. Fully adjustable and with a headrest, it reduces body tension and fatigue.





Standard equipment of the ViO33-6 includes an auxiliary hydraulic circuit which is operated via a proportional control located on the joystick which adapt the flow and the direction of the oil flow.
The second speed switch has also been relocated on the blade lever in order to facilitate the use of the machine.



Daily maintenance has to be performed easily. There is one easy to open engine bonnet and the right-hand side cover is mounted on one hinge to open easily. This gives an access to all major elements: air filter, compressor, radiator, refueling pump, battery, fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank alternator, engine oil dipstick, water separator, coolant level, etc… A flat floor mat makes cleaning easier