Yanmar VIO27-6


Yanmar VIO26-6


Operating weight 2560 kg [Canopy]

2665 kg [Cabin]

Transport dimensions 4110 x 1500 x 2530 mm
Digging depth 2690 mm

2940 mm (long arm)

Dumping height 2830 mm

2990 mm (long arm)

Rear swing radius 750 mm
Digging force (arm/bucket) 14.5 / 24.5 kN
Travelling speed 2,8 / 4,5 km/h
Yanmar diesel engine 3 cylinders, 1115 cm³

15,2 kW / 20,7 CV / 2500 rpm



  • Unmatched compactness: true Zero Tail Swing mini-excavator machine that allows safe rotation of the upper frame.
  • Ease of transport: the ViO26-6 can be transported with its accessories on a trailer.
  • “Flow sharing” hydraulic system : made up of a variable-flow piston pump and a load signalling and flow sharing distributor, it performs the movement combinations required by the operator.
  • New operator station: more leg space, “Universal Design”, new instrumentation, better ergonomics and significant noise reduction.
  • High performance : improved components of the power line: (engine, hydraulic pump, distributor) hence no compromise between power and compactness.


ViO26-6 allows the Yanmar operators to with peace of mind, especially in urban environments where the space is very restricted.



Neither the counterweight nor the front part of the frame exceeds the width of the crawlers. Since its front part is designed not to exceed, the ViO26-6 has a very small radius of rotation.

+ Greater safety both for the operator and the workers in the nearby environment: primordial on sites.

+ Dead angle reduced to the minimum: optimal visibility all around the machine




Its transport weight of just 2590 kg and high very compact lower frame allow the ViO26-6 to be easily transported with its accessories on a truck as also on a trailer whose allowed total transportation weight should not exceed 3.5t.




All design-related decisions have been taken by Yanmar, keeping the operator at the centre of its focus. Yanmar has developed the “Universal Design” concept to improve your comfort and productivity. By offering more legroom, this design improves operator comfort and safety. The controls and joysticks are placed ergonomically so that they are easily accessible.



The design of the ViO26-6 offers the operator an ergonomic environment, excellent visibility and exceptional safety. The cabin shape offers the operator an optimum 360° visibility to enhance on-site safety and improve efficiency. The ViO26-6 is equipped with two rear-view mirrors that allow the operator to control the working area without moving from his seat.




The ViO26-6 is equipped as standard with a comfortable and ergonomic suspension seat with adjustable controls